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Effective natural Siddha oil for pain. Dr.Green Oil treats various kinds of pain including joint pain, rheumatic pain, neurological complaints, disc complaints, sports injuries, headache, burns etc. Based on a seven generations old trusted formula. It is tested, proven, safe and effective.
Treats dandruff, itching, hair fall and related symptoms naturally. Dandoff is an effective and safe Siddha formula that delivers results within days.

Treats various skin diseases including dermatitis, eczema, allergies, psoriasis, scabies, fungal infections, ulcerous wounds, vitiligo, pigmentation, etc. Safe, natural and effective treatment based on a seven generations old Siddha formula.


Treats psoriasis and related symptoms such as scaling, itching, dry skin, etc. This natural and effective oil works where other medications fail.

Treats hair loss, grey hair, alopecia, etc. The oil is prepared based on a seven generations old formula and helps you get long, thick, black and shiny hair.
Comprehensively treats all kinds of uterine, menstrual, vaginal and urinary disorders. This seven generations old formula can effectively deal with all these bothersome and worrying conditions. Is safe and natural.